Cover Inspiration : 200 Awesome Book Cover Designs

55+ Amazing Book Covers and Paperbacks Design That Grab Your Attention!

Book Cover Designs - A very effective book cover should be able to catch the attention of the reader and should be able to impart the message in one page and what the book is all about. The designers should be able to make the cover design in a creative and unique way and be an attention getter. Same philosophy is just as important in building such information structure that is based on a design layout that is very limited.

Amazing Book Covers and Paperbacks Design

31 Incredible Comic Book Cover Art Samples

Comic books are close to many of us designers’ hearts, since these are likely our first encounters to the amazing world of art. These days, they continue to become even more sophisticated and expressive from when we first experienced them as kids.

Incredible Comic Book Cover Art Samples

24 Creative And Effective Book Cover Designs

“Never judge a book by its cover” is the way the saying goes. But the cover is the image infront of the content that attracts readers in the first place. I have compiled a list of 24 book covers that will grab your attention instantly. Some of them are extremely simple, and some are a little more complex. But it just goes to show, it doesn’t take a heavy design to attract a reader, it just takes a good thourghtful idea. Colour also plays a big role in making a book cover eyecatching. A black and white book cover can stand out more than one with every possible colour in it, because of the way the colours are used. If you have any more cover designs you wish to share with us, please feel free to drop in a comment. You may also want to check out these resources whilst your reading…

Creative And Effective Book Cover Designs

45 Beautifully Designed Book Covers

I would imagine that nobody hates the expression don’t judge a book by its cover more than an actual book cover designer. Obviously, the metaphor isn’t really about books – but still, that’s gotta sting a little.Let’s face it, if people didn’t actually “judge books by their covers”, there would be a lot of graphic designers out of a job. The need for company branding, attractive packaging or promotional material of any kind would be non-existent; thus leaving the lowly graphic designer nothing short of obsolete.

Beautifully Designed Book Covers

Geometric book cover designs, simple shapes that say it all

didn’t get many opportunities to design book covers, but if I had to I would definitly want to do it for Pelican or Penguin. Those birdy publishers seem to give a lot of freedom to their cover designers, even the freedom to use the simplest shapes to give a general feeling to the reader like in the following examples.

Geometric book cover designs