250+ Amazing CD Cover Designs

99 Best Designed Album Covers

CD Cover Designs - The #1 inspirational device in life. Music is everywhere and there aren’t many people out there that can disagree with me. So what I have for you is 101 Best Designed Album Covers. I have searched high and low for many different types of covers. There are many that are drawn out, close up photos, grungy, simple and clean or just iconic. I have a hard time figuring out which one stands out for me but a few that I like are; Rise Against, Finger Eleven, Cartel, Boys Like Girls. There are just way too many out there. Please feel free to posts any album covers that you think should be on the list at the new inspiredology flickr group.

Amazing Album Covers Mix and Match

Another clever art form is coming, that is album cover art. The visual pioneer is Christian Marclay. As for Marclay, I think most of us know him because of his music. Right, he is a famous DJ and composer who firstly uses gramaphone records and turntables as musical instruments to create sound collage. While besides, he likes collecting record covers of Michael Jackson, Doors, Donna Summer, David Bowie and many others to re-join new pieces. Christian Marclay might just take Bowie and put him together with MJ or the Black Eyed Peas. No sexism from his side, ladies are caught up in the mix as well. The following are some work from him. I’m they will give a fresh visual effect.

100 Obscure and Remarkable CD Covers

While recording artists and bands are busy recording their albums, a separate effort is usually being made behind the scenes to plan for the launch, promotion and circulation of the new tracks. The creation of CD cover art is an intergral part of this process.

50 Artistic Song Album Cover Designs

Have you spend some time to notice song album covers before? I just bought myself a copy of Linkin Park New Divide album and love the lighting effects applied to its cover design. It leads me to doing up a list of song album cover designs which can range from drawings, abstract photo manipulations, lighting effects and many more. Enjoy!