Web Design Inspiration : 100 Beautiful Asian Web Designs

Showcase Of Web Design In China: From Imitation To Innovation

China is a country with five thousand years of civilization. It is a multi-national entity extending over a large area of East Asia. China’s cultural influence extends across the continent, with customs and writing systems adopted by neighboring countries including Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

The Beautiful Art of Japanese Web Design

If I had to looking for some attributes to describe the japanese style in web design I’d choose: essential, minimalist, with an intensive use of Adobe Flash, animations and music in background (mainly solo piano, inspired by Ryuichi Sakamoto’s compositions), traditional and modern at the same time. Here is a collection of some beautiful examples of japanese websites for your daily inspiration.

A Discovery Into 30 Beautiful And Inspirational Korean Websites Design

Korean Internet Industry has been growing in recent years and more than 80 percent of their households in South Korea are connected with broadband access. Korean Internet users have been found to be more active in their Internet usage and younger than Internet users in the United States. With so much focus point on Korea Web Industry, career path for Korea web designers and programmers seems bright and promising.

Top 35 Inspirational Korean Websites

As a web designer, we would like to design something that really standout. By doing that, we need to widen our eyes by looking at different kind of design style, so that we can get infinity and variety of inspiration.