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33 Creative and Humorous Guinness Print Advertisements

Funny Advertisements - Guinness, the world famous dry Irish stout, owes its fame not only to its distinctive taste, nor to its simple, old fashioned black-and-white logo, but to its modern, creative, humorous and almost always surreal advertising. Everyone has seen the amazing TV ads, as for the print ads… judge for yourself.

60 Humorous Print Advertisements to Tickle Your Bones

Everyone needs a little humour in their hectic lives and more often than before, advertisers try to inject some fun into their advertisements. Injecting humour into their advertisements does not necessarily mean that the ads are better than others. However, the smart play on words and careful consideration of the ad’s objectives, target audience and market standards, humour can help the advertisement increase effectiveness and widen its receptiveness.

30 Clever and Creative Advertisement Concepts

Advertising is the best way to promote a product or to get the public’s attention. It could be on television, print ads or even on the internet. But because of the massive competition of a particular product, companies nowadays are finding its ways to make their promotion more attractive and appealing just to get noticed.

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When it comes to creativity, one of the best source of inspiration we can look for are the advertisements. Ads do not just endorse a product or a service, which it used to several years ago but nowadays send a strong message to the viewers in a very creative manner. It takes more than just a look at these to admire and appreciate the idea behind creating such a concept.

30 Funny Print Ads that’ll Make You Laugh

In the world of print advertising, there’s a small window to grab the audience’s attention. Being restricted to a still image means the message must be very strong and catchy. Ad agencies often rely on humor to achieve this. A humorous print ad campaign starts with a funny idea, but must be brought to life with clever art direction and great visuals.

42 Really Funny And Creative Print Ads

Designing a print ad is very difficult, you have to convey your message using few words and single image. If your ad can make others smile they will not forget their smile and so the ad.Adding humor in your ad is not easy too, you have to know fully about the product you are designing ad for and about consumers too.In this post i have gathered 42 really funny and amazing ads for your amusement. Do tell us which ad amused your more.

51 Examples of Funny & Creative Advertisement

Advertisement has evolved dramatically in the past decade. Marketing is a huge business and will only keep growing. Print advertsing is a difficult task and takes creativity. Most of the ads below get the message across, while making you laugh. Check them out, and let us know what you think by commenting below.

1000 Creative Clever And Funny Advertisements